Hint: Lower the ambience to about 9 to fully appreciate the individual light sources in the scene

Hint: Increase the ambience to about 45 to fully appreciate the paintings on the wall


Press w to move forward

Press s to move backward

Hold left-click and move mouse to look left and right

Press a to move forward-left

Press d to move forward-right

Press e to raise eye level up

Press q to raise eye level down

Press l to toggle the left light

Move left light:

Change red color of left-light:

Change green color of left-light:

Change blue color of left-light:

Press r to toggle the right light

Move right light:

Change red color of right-light:

Change green color of right-light:

Change blue color of right-light:

Press t to toggle the room main light

Press f to switch fan on

Left click an object to select it